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Mill Pond Park


  1. Ball Field
  2. Baseball / Softball
  3. Concession stand
  4. Covered Gazebo
  5. Indoor arena
  6. Parking
  7. Pavilion
  8. Picnic Areas
  9. Picnic tables
  10. Playground
  11. Restroom
  12. Shelter
  13. Soccer
  14. Tennis
  15. Tennis court
  16. Walking Track
Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond ParkLocated on the east side of Baldwin, between the railroad tracks and east end of Maple Street, Mill Pond Park covers 27.4 acres. This is the largest general use park in the village with a lighted softball field, concession stand, bleachers, restrooms, soccer field, tennis court, recreational skating rink, picnic pavilion and parking area. There is an indoor hockey arena in the United Civic Center. The park was expanded by 18 acres during 2005, to include four more softball fields, added concession/restrooms, a new soccer field, sidewalks and connecting bridges.