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Village of Baldwin
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Baldwin, WI 54002
Ph: (715) 684-3426
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Muncipal Court

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1. How do I contest a parking ticket?
2. Am I required to appear at Court on the date stated on my citation?
3. What if I fail to appear for a Mandatory Initial Appearance?
4. If my appearance is not marked as required/mandatory, what are my options?
5. What is the purpose of an Initial Appearance?
6. What can I expect at the Initial Appearance court session?
7. What happens when the Judge announces my name?
8. What is a guilty plea?
9. What is a plea of No Contest?
10. After I enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest, what is the result of a finding of Guilty?
11. Must I pay the penalties at the court session?
12. What happens if I enter a plea of Not Guilty?
13. What is a Pre-Trial Hearing?
14. What happens if there is no settlement at the Pre-Trial Hearing?
15. What is the procedure at a Court Trial?
16. What if I fail to appear for a Pre-Trial Hearing or Court Trial?
17. What is an Indigency/Good Cause Hearing?
18. What happens if I don’t pay the Court Ordered forfeiture or appear at a Good Cause Hearing?
19. What if the citation is issued to a juvenile?
20. What if the address on my citation is wrong or I move?
21. What is a Warrant?
22. What is the Tax Refund Intercept Program?
23. If the court orders a suspension of my driving privileges how do I reinstate my license?